Common Funding Application 2021-22

Introduction & Funding Source Selection

There are four main bodies that facilitate a special allocation process for individuals and organizations that are seeking additional funds to supplement their JFC budgets for specific initiatives/events, to cover unanticipated/unexpected costs, or to start up monies to support new initiatives. A Common Funding Application has been created to gather information regarding the funding proposal and determine which of the below funding bodies should receive the application.

  • Undergraduate Student Senate
  • Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)
  • Student Dormitory Council (SDC)
  • University Funding

Each funding group incorporates their own funding philosophy to determine which funding requests are applicable and will receive funding. 

Please read the funding philosophies below to determine which groups should receive this application. Please only elect to send this application to groups who's philosophies align with the mission of you event/project/trip. 

Senate - The Undergraduate Student Senate’s Finance Committee will evaluate proposals for Special Allocation funding. Requests are considered on the basis that they fit at least one of the following criteria: the group or individual is new to campus, did not receive JFC funding, is planning a new event, or is incurring unexpected costs. Proposals are also evaluated on their effect on the undergraduate community. The Senate Finance Committee meets weekly to review funding requests. For more information on Senate’s Special Allocation process and procedures, please visit or email

GSA – The Graduate Student Assembly will evaluate proposals primarily to meet unexpected needs in funding for groups/events that benefit grad students. The GSA Finance Committee will be primarily interested in how much the event benefits grad students, how many grad students are involved, and whether other sources of funding have been sought out. The GSA Finance Committee meets monthly to review funding requests. For more information on GSA’s special allocation process and procedures, please visit or email

SDC – The Student Dormitory Committee (SDC) will evaluate proposals primarily on whether the initiative/event benefits those living in campus housing. SDC offers funding from "Dorm Student Initiatives," which serves as funds for dorm students who have a new idea or initiative to better dorm life. SDC also has "General Funding" which can be used by any student organization for an event that benefits students living in dorms. The SDC Funding Committee meets weekly to review funding requests. For more information on SDC’s allocation process and procedures, please visit or email

UNIVERSITY FUNDING – The University Funding Committee will evaluate proposals primarily on whether the initiative/event/project will enhance the student experience at CMU. The committee is looking for detailed budgets that include estimated or actual costs, revenue from sales/fundraising/other sponsorships, and how much the individual(s)/organization is contributing. The committee meets twice a month. 

After reviewing the funding philosophies outlined above, I would like my application to be reviewed by the following funding sources:
This application is maintained by the Student Body Vice-President for Finance. Any questions can be directed to